Will We Let THEM Take Our Rights Away?

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Paula Hornell: If America fails then the world fails and the rise of the New World Order wins. The 2020 election will be virtually the "line drawn in the sand." If President Trump is not re-elected then it's all over for our Republic.

Christopher Dirkschneider: READ: Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242

Zecora Rowan: illegal agreement ... criminal intent ... and ... proof of an overt act. I think we've got a Royal Flush ... d(>_<)b ....

Zecora Rowan: Nobody can argure with you, if your acting upon, what is written, within the U.S. Constitution. ANY! American who dose so, could be consider, to be standing, within the realms of treason.


Zecora Rowan: Nobody can argure with you, if your acting upon, what is written, within, the U.S. Constitution.

Zecora Rowan: Both offenses require the traditional elements of Section 371 conspiracy, including an illegal agreement, criminal intent, and proof of an overt act.

Rosie Mclafferty: I thought the white hats are in control so why is all this going on?

Rosie Mclafferty: There's a video out there of doctor fauchi stating that masks do not work, seriously, look into it Google it!

Rosie Mclafferty: In California they want to start testing people and removing them from their homes and quarantining them! More crimes against humanity Oh, we must stop them before more people start dying in California like in New York for not treating Coronavirus and not giving them the medication needed to treat them as in hydroxychloroquine Russia is treating all of their people with hydroxychloroquine who would have thought that Russia one day would treat its people better than our government is treating us.

Rosie Mclafferty: I would think that trumps government knows that the Deep States is killing people needlessly with coronavirus so why is nothing being done! If you watch and let it happen and do nothing to stop it you are as guilty as the one doing it. And that also goes to all the hospital workers nurses and doctors at some point they must pay and face Justice we are not Nazi Germany in the 1930s I refuse!

Christian knights Templar: Gayle King Oprah mrs. Feinstein they all need to be brought up on charges on top of that there Satanist.

Great White7: Cuomo says it’s ‘shocking’ most new coronavirus hospitalizations are people who had been staying home

It shows that 66% of new admissions were from people who had largely been sheltering at home.


Cris Aloha: EXACTLY!!! Shut down Harvard University better yet ALL Ivy League Universities. All TOXIC!

Cris Aloha: I believe they Tweaked SARS to create COVID19 in a Wuhan lab.

Cris Aloha: How can Fauci and others (Bill Gates)be allowed to patten diseases like HIV, H1N1, Ebola! Sick! We have to put an end to this! ALL Must be Prosecuted!

Ray Brown: We want our Country back ! By any means necessary !!!!

Shane Lewis: COVID - 19 [NINETEEN]

Joan Arlene: Here is what coronavirus is. This doctor explains everything very clearly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dLAVckBnrI This is really frightening how they have manipulated us for decades. You must watch this interview.

2L82Sk8Bye: ...and it’s been Reported that Faucci has a patent on a “gain of function” component,,,really!

Gunnar: Glad my state is starting to reopen.

Donna Buffolino: They all ready have!!

RoseAnn Warren: Watch the new video about Faucci ex employee in an interview. She’s finally off her gag order after 5 years. YT keeps deleting it. I downloaded it if anyone needs it or can’t find it. @Craig how do I email you???

RoseAnn Warren: @16:17 I LOL so loud . I know it’s not funny but when you say it out loud like that , I couldn’t help it. YOU SERIOUSLY CANNOT MAKE THIS UP ! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Robyn Bowman: Great Kim impersonation Craig! I loved it!
Robyn Gulf Shores Alabama

nowonyuno: When is Q going to quit being a bitch and do something already?

Lee Nunn: Love your guns people

John Koenigs: When the people fear the government that is Tyranny! When the government fears the people that is Liberty! #WG1WGA

Don: I REFUSE to be shamed by Q or my fellow Q followers concerning my impatience. Pain needs to fall on the predators, not the prey as is happening now. Stop using US, Q and Trump. You have no right. It's wrong. You work for us. We don't work for you nor are we yours to be used in your war.

atomicmozart: Arrest Fauci ASAP!
Meet Author Ph.D. Judy Mikovits of "Plague of Corruption"
speaks out about Fauci (Fauci hired her because she is a brilliant scientist) and Big Pharma...

J Wil: Wolverine!

Helga Gaines: Diabolical, when I receive a red cross money BEGGING DISGUSTING appeal , I then tare up with glee their shameless begging who would use our goodness for our own destruction .

What Ever: diane is a corrupt politician That has been selling secrets to china for decades. Treason and sedition which she is going to pay at Gitmo.

Be Appreciation: They already HAVE taken our rights away

Paul Moore: Open season: put a bounty on the Evil doers, and their ill gotten funds can go back into the public Funds that it was stolen from in the first place.

Rose Mullen: WE HAVE BEEN READY SINCE Trump was elected.

Freedom Fighter: I live in New Jersey with that jack ass governor Murphy I want to see him hang for treason for what he’s doing to New Jersey beaches are still close this is when we make all our money this guy needs to go but unfortunately people live in New Jersey are bunch of pussies and all democratic

Freedom Fighter: If we have 1 million people on but our second amendment first amendment right surround Congress and the man that the Democrats get out in the rhinos you’ll see a big change real quick because they know they can’t defeat us

Freedom Fighter: Arm yourself with the Second Amendment and your first amendment don’t be scared this is a fight for our lives

Freedom Fighter: Fact that bio weapon in China must be destroyed I don’t give a shit china must pay bombs away

elaine sakhaee: Thank you🙏WWG1 wgall

TrumpOcrat: Motherfuckers will have to kill me before I kneel and even that isnt going to be the easiest thing they've ever done.

Ashleigh NC87: Love the Kim Jong-Un impression!! That's prob EXACTLY how it went too!!! Love it!

carol gelakoski: HELLLL NOOO

John Walsh: Can't get comments today..there being hodden

Patty Wheeler: Wake Up America!!! Think For Yourself!!! Logical Thinking!!! Thank you , I enjoy listening

Mark LaFerney: Do you make your own beats craig? I like your work, but the beat's garbage.

Max Kammerer: They don’t care- it’s all about the money and power—!!!
After all WE have been to lazy to care about what was going on- heads in the sand- Maybe it’s time to get involved or don’t cry about what going on—!!

topquark22: Q4108: "Gift" = "Poison" in German. Think Operation Paperclip.

Josie Cat: The symbol of a red cross is also used on medicine chests. Maybe ( since it has a red bow - like a gift) this is referring to Hydroxychloraquin and Arithromyacin combo!? There’s been lots of good news coming out about those medicines in treating corona virus Cov-19

topquark22: You are lucky in the US; you have a Constitution and you have a strong President in DJT. Here in Canada, we are basically f***ed.