WSJ: Trump repeatedly asked Ukraine president to probe Biden's son

The Wall Street Journal reports that in a July phone call, President Trump repeatedly pressured the president of Ukraine to work with Rudy Giuliani and ...


James Madison: Why does Goofyiani & CommiePaedoGroperWannaBeFuhrerTrump refuse to simply list the so called crimes the Bidens supposedly committed in Ukraine?
Here is a list of CommiePaedoGroperWannaBeFuhrerTrump SALE of OUR GOV
Trump has lobbyist running the gov on behalf of the rich & corporations
Trumps cabinet is ALL the very LOBBYIST he saids he going to stop
EPA – Andrew Wheeler – Coal Industry Lobbyist HHS – Alex Azar – Pharmaceutical Industry Lobbyist Dept of Interior – David Bernhardt – Oil Industry Lobbyist Secretary of Defense – Mark Esper - Defense Industry Lobbyist replacing Aerospace Industry Lobbyist Felix Sater – The guy who was in Russia negotiating the Trump Tower Moscow deal when Trump told us that he had no business with Putin / Russia

nikorn chinakul: My Grandma told me to try not to Mingle with the Strangers or I might get Molested. I wonder how many times Donald Trump has been Molested by Putin.

Cate Ellington: Notice Trump Supporter WSJ says source says “No Quid pro Quo was discussed.” Yeah right. Likely the source was F’ing Pompeo.

Barbara H: If Trump did not know who whistleblower was, then how does he know it was the dems? More fake news from Trump, Biden big threat so he is slandering him should sue for libel.

Brian Brown: Don't urinate yourself there Shep. Seem a little excited

BMX seeker: theres was a article in the new Yorker  Sep 10 2018 called ,  How Rudy Giuliani Turned into Trump,s Clown ,   how True

itsyoutubeitstruth: Chris Cuomo to Gulianni. " do you have evidence of this"? Gulliani..."its all over the internet"
repubs are the anti christ

Hope Constance: Biden should most certainly be investigated, especially since he is running for president.
Trump needs to be investigated because he is the sitting president.
Let's be logical thinkers with our nation's best interests in mind, and not be emotional at this time. Thanks!

E.B. G: If Biden's son should be investigated shouldn't Jared and the children(Dotard's kids) of the corn be investigated too? Oh nvm, they are. The only ppl in this crime family occupying the White House that won't be in jail are Melania and Baron.

junitahahn: People, People, People don't get mislead. All this is a set-up - The Cavanaugh thing, this - all to divert attention
from the coming report on the origins of the Fake Russian investigation which will shake our country. Dems. just
trying to arrange damage control and of course helped by their partnership with the press.

rob v: Looks like Rudy and Trump are repeating lies often enough to convince the trumpsters it's the truth. Why aren't those idiots at least saying, let's investigate Trump and Biden? Whatever Biden did is totally separate from what our PRESIDENT did. Nobody wants to talk about what Trump did.

Richard S.: If Obama did this - blackmail a European country for dirt on, say, Romney - he would be impeached. And McConnell would fire the first shot.

Chuck West: Shep your TDS tone is showing and beneath Journalism as a whole, but I have seen worse. If the tables were turned, no doubt it would be different and you would be screaming for a criminal and congressional investigations of Biden and Obama...

john milner: Fake news..dems are desperate for anything..

David Edbrooke: So what?

Franco Loconte: I’m with the commander in chief on this one. The only reason Joe Bojangles Biden is running for President is to continue his corrupted ways

FrankArend: Biden was BRAGGING about his "clever" move...remember? ...speaking at that "Elite" (Secret) Society gathering...Council on Foreign Relations (According to the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of the conspiracy to take over the world and create a world government.)

Roy Wooten: Who cares look at the crap the dnc put trumps family thru.

Pati Pena: Joe Biden is gonna beat TRUMP like a DRUM!!!

wcvette56: It’s alway beneath them if there is a D before the political name.

Paul Elqadi: So what?

Dragon Fyre: This is all going to lead to the uranium 1 deal. Watch. The Ukraine has been blackmailed by the DNC including Obama and Biden. His druggie son is just the fall man which is why he banked.

Mattew Elkhill: What is this just a one-way Street Mueller's investigation already knew that was no Russian collusion, biting. Creepy Joe Biden can go to another country and make deals for his son. Donald Trump the right to ask questions about any of her workers misconduct that don't benefit our country only theirselves please correct me if I am wrong

Paul Dillingham: The president of Ukraine has since said Trump did not pressure him.

Amaizing World: Trump did everything right, Biden did everything wrong.

Steve Baxley: Double standard

On The Brink Report: He should investigate him. There was definite criminal activity there.

Jesse Boyd: They need to investigate the shady Biden bs. Even though I don't see him being the Dem Nominee I still want to see them sweating and facing inquiries.

Stacey Rech: Of course he wanted them to investigate Biden, son... what has he done in the name of his position? Padding entitled son's pockets...i have no problem with asking to investigate.

Kenny Esthay: Ukraine government is about to come out and talk about the money they gave to the Clinton foundation and how they tried to help her win in 2016. Clinton's and Ukraine meddled in the election! Plain and simple

Rosa Montes de Oca Gonzalez: Saludos cordiales paz bien verdad justicia adelante Trump Pence Rubio Pompeo 2020_24_ en familia equipo!!!

Deplorable 4 Life: OH NO! Trump wants to investigate a political opponent?! What, like the Democrats have been harassing HIM constantly for THREE YEARS?!! Gimme a f*cking break!!

Christel Williams: So President Trump asked him to do his job and and investigate corruption. What a "crime"

AL CAPPS: I wouldn’t trust anything corporate media reports, though I must admit this has Trump’s name on it.

Melvin Hunt: WHO CARES and who do you believe? W,S.J. New York Times are socialist leaning Liars, and that is a fact. They NEVER CARED about Obama having conversations with foreign governments. But now President Trump has to put up with the CRAP ! Mueller said our President did NOTHING wrong ! 2plus years and 40, million dollars and NOTHING! The Biden's in Washington have been there for Ever and have accomplished ZERO ! Same old garbage year after year after decade after decade! President Trump is the man! He revived the economy that the democrats destroyed. BUILD THE WALL TRUMP 2020! A vote for Any democrat is a vote Against FREEDOM !

david weaver: So what?

retlaw Rotcorp: Joe Biden's son is not his political opponent lmao!!

Matthew Erwin: Biden is on video bragging that he got the Ukrainian president to fire the prosecutor who was investigating Bidens son Hunter for misdeeds in the Ukraine 🇺🇦
Look it up .... not one mention of that here. Just more fake news folks

Mary Nelson: This why I don’t watch Sheppard Smith He’s full of it and boring

Mary Nelson: Wall Street journal and Sheppard Smith are both fake news


Helen Mckittrick: Gee why don't the secret service just look the other way and do us all a big favour

D Storm: Shep hates Trump, and Shep is extremely biased. Biden bragged about influencing Ukraine. Why hasn't Hunter been investigated?

Lim Lin: I heard, few years ago from a video, that Biden's son is one of the Board of Directors.

Sins are all over the planet and they will have to be dealt with by God. It's sad to see every government is a crooked government. You cannot trust man to rule man because man is greedy. Everything we are looking at today is setting the stage for the seals mentioned in the book of Revelation.

Russ K: Instead of asking Russia for help against his political opponent, like in 2016, Trump is now trying to leverage Ukraine for dirt on Biden. Ukraine is desperate for the money that was allocated for their defense against Russia, which Trump has delayed giving them, so although Trump denies it, it certainly looks like a bribe. Misusing his power as president has been a common theme for Trump and this is just another reason he should be impeached. Of course, the republicans in the senate won't go along with that because their only chance to be reelected is to continue to sell their souls for the most corrupt president in American history. So much for patriotism. Wonder what Trump said to the new leader of the Ukraine? So far, the Trump administration is doing everything they can to stifle the whistleblower who could tell us. What else is new? Trump has always tried to hide the truth from the American public. Started a long time ago with paying off women to keep his affairs quiet. Have you seen his taxes yet? No, because he has been desperately keeping them hidden. And so many Trump supporters just want to ignore all this. Amazing.

otsari1: I would like to know if a candidate is phony or not. It's not enough to have them stand up in a debate and go on and on about all the wonderful things they will do and when elected it's forgotten.

Candace Mclane: President Trump as OUR LEADER has every right to say whatever he wants to or needs to in his effort to run OUR Country!!! You FOOLS need to get off of President Trump's back and STOP the BS!!! Biden very apparently broke the law...Our President has been INNOCENT throughout!!!

The Hamster Wheel: This report speaks in favor of Trump. It's time for the former Vice President to be indicted under the emoluments clause!

Mary Wilson: Why does this make Trump look bad and not Biden?? Who made the billion dollar bribe here...hmmm?? Not Trump!

Michael Raye: At the risk of sounding like a moron..... the Dems paid for info from a foreign source to start the investigation into Trump. How is that different then the trump team doing the same thing? Also, what is wrong with trump telling a foreign nation to investigate a potential crime?