Yang: Our message is reaching the American people beyond the debates

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang reacts to his debate performance on 'Fox News @ Night.'


Independent Views: lol is about all that comes to mind...

dudeinco: I like how Democrats think they're all grassroots... remember when Hillary was grassroots? Lol...

Robert Fantazo: It would get people off of welfare. And whites will get checks too.

Anthony Perry: I saw the Shapiro/Yang interview. Yang won't get my vote. I want the Wall, the swamp drained and out of the Paris Accord. If he won he wouldn't last because he's not indoctrinated into his parties cabal. He would be JFK'd and probably have a Johnson (cabal) vp set to take his place. The dismantling of our Republic would resume and President Trump's legacy and our future would start to disintegrate forthwith.

robert zhao: wow even fox news channel Andrew yang still get so many likes, that is our next president who gonna unite us as a country.

Jay Jay: She isn't grasping what UBI is and how it works. Andrew did a great job of trying to explain it. It isn't paid for with income tax money. It's paid for through a VAT, which the entire society pays into because it's a tax on production at the business level. And we all get the benefits of this $1k a month. And we also all pay into the benefit, because we all buy goods and services. It's a win win win. We either have a UBI, or our economy collapses as more and more of it is automated.

allison wanda land: This guy should wait, he will be a viable candidate just now against Trump, not good timing.

Pharmin 420: Not happening dems!

Normando Binkier: From 1 thousand to 2.
Isn't that bribery?

Bruce S: Ying, Yang What a Idiot. He wants to give away money, but his Idea is BULL MANURE, who is going to pay for his free bees?

Warren Sanders: Negative Income Tax for the working poor

beckyr: Yang what 3 % he will not be talking to Putin any time soon.

Dylan Walsh: $1,000 a month to stay home ? Absolutely not, way too many welfare addicts popping out babies will try to make this a lifestyle & culture to feed off the government that much more
Sends the wrong message, if you can’t pay for ur kids, don’t worry about it, somebody else will $$$
Let’s be honest, moms who get child support, many don’t spend it on their kids, they spend it on themselves. There’s ppl where child support is their main source of income

DanQnymous: Ding dang ying yang

J Diguls: No Yang,we should not be paying the American people to stay home and take care of families,we should be training and retraining out people for higher paying jobs. It's called WORK ! Artificial intelligence is ruining human beings and making them lazy.

Erhardt: Well..
Ambassador Sondland said it out LOUD ...
YES there was a QUID PRO QUO ...
Lock him up...💪
Oh ...
By the way... if mr. trump would not be in the White House... he be ALREADY in jail, for his acts in 2016...
Just stating the obvious question here...
WHY ON EARTH... would the GOP still support him..?🤔

Rusty Robot5: Yes. The message for all the Democratic candidates is loud and clear. They have nothing to offer.

Trump 2020

John Roeters: give people free money, they wont want to work, then companys will start closing there doors cause no one will work, then they will cut you off cause no one will pay taxes. then the government will have total control of you. i hear dictatorship

NismoFury: Yang makes a lot of sense. Watch the JRE podcast. But as for America voting for an Asian person to be president won't happen. Not in this lifetime. Too many racist white people. Hell look at what they're doing to asians at Harvard. They are beating the entrance requirements surpassing whites but are still rejected. They rather accept a dumber black person instead. Ridiculous.

Banjo Miner: Where is all this free money coming from?..just asking..

TheMJT515: I like him. To bad they didn't give him much time on the debate stage.

Just G: Yang’s largest donor? Twitter.

Ironballs Mcginty: Get lost maggot

Search History: Yang? Uh, no.

tim mc: he clearly explained it to this fox simpleton multiple times and she kept repeating the same empty headed BS...

So SpunOut: Yang will have a better chance in 2024. I just don't see the DNC getting behind him at this point.

Kira de La Rochefoucauld: Democrats are now COMMUNIST CHILD KILLERS is not a good message, you ignorant SOB.

Cael Fielding: At least he’s respectful, but I still want him no where near the White House.

NWC SHREDDER: Yang is a communists subverter . He should not be trusted. I was once told by a chinese woman I worked for that chinese people in general should never be trusted and they are subversive. From what I've seen over the years this is true.

Captain Sal: He's for open borders and it illegal immigrants illegal that's what he's for giving the $2,000 a month to illegal aliens open borders taking away your health care look at the big picture don't look at the money you're going to be getting to stay home

James Nelson: This guys a dicksucker

Tina Alicia: Isn’t it fascinating that no one says the same thing about giant corporations getting BILLIONS of OUR taxpayer money thru bail outs OR them paying ZERO in taxes off BILLIONS they earn! But heaven forbid, we want to give everyday Americans money! Then it’s “socialism, hand outs, entitlement, welfare”.

Branden Byrd: If you dont work. you dont eat. DEMS living on Fantasy Island. Free money means no money. Just a bunch of bums looking for another dirty needle to inject.

Adam McHenry: i wanna make a warfare country because robots 😵

Tina Alicia: There is more to Andrew Yang than the income divided! His website touches on 100’s of things. He is the most authentic and compassionate candidate!

michael mcnamara: Quit Mr Yang you have not a chance in hell. Dems fix nominations, u and Harris, gloubachar, and booker are done save the money

Zach Gerlach: I think the questions and phrasing show a clear lack of understanding of where Andrew Yang is coming from. It’s funny when news hosts think they are asking smart, tough questions and he just rips into them with logic lol. Some news anchors should a have a giant foot next to their head that they can stick in their mouth after the interview 😂

David Parker: This moron thinks we can simply pay 3.6 trillion a year(1000 per month) to every person in the U.S for no good reason? Sure, there aren't any mathematical or economical problems with that at all.

american psycho: yang, what a wanker. go play chopsticks. he might be able to run an electric train set but not much more.

Sharon Eldridge: Yeah we got the message Yang we are running away from you and the Democratic party

BLACKMAN ON STEROIDS: This guy seems decent. To bad he's a democrat.

my life 44: Welfare dosen't count?

Creator God: He's weak and ideas are unrealistic.

Donna Andretta: Who's paying for that?

craig mignone: Yang is the property of Arch Villain George Soros

just saying12: Isn't this bribery?

impala tmech81: Lol! Snowball chance in hell!

Mike Ray: There is no free money.Hes calling for higher taxes.When you take money from one set of people and give it to another its called communism.Its been proven historically to not work.Move out of your mothers house and get a job you slug.

Urayis wish l: yang a manipulative liar, he just lies and lies

MrDicedToTheSocks: "Money is free, vote for me"- Yang