The Film Stories That Defined the Decade

Updated: 2019-07-25 15:31:02

Earlier this week, IndieWire unveiled our list of the 100 Best Movies of the Decade.

Of course, no movie decade is ever defined by the movies alone. On the contrary, so much of cinema’s history is shaped by the stories beneath the stories; by the seismic forces that rumble under the surface and cause the massive sea changes that we eventually feel in theaters, or at home, or wherever movies will take us in the future.

And needless to say, the 2010s were a time of massive, earth-shaking change for the film industry. Technological innovation and market trends conspired to uproot our most basic conceptions of what movies can be and how they can be watched, while a long overdue push towards inclusivity challenged petrified norms about who gets to make them.

From the Sony Hack to the WGA strike, from the rise of rom-coms to the death of the Dark Universe, these are the film stories the defined the decade.

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