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Democratic Party fundraiser Ed Buck was denied bail in a pretrial hearing Friday, with a judge saying he poses a danger and is at flight risk
FDA and HHS have announced that they have taken steps to provide safe and affordable drugs that would be accessible to American patients.
Sen. Tom Cotton said his office will operate a campaign-style war room to push back against attacks on President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court
President Donald Trump on Friday said he wants a "friendly transition" of power if he loses to Democratic ...
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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown declared an emergency as state and local law enforcement prepare to try to prevent a planned demonstration from turning violent.
A federal judge in Texas blocked the state from enforcing a law that eliminated the ability of voters to choose one party’s entire slate of candidates.
A longtime Democratic senator on Friday vowed to try to stop President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee from being confirmed.
A federal judge is letting a defamation lawsuit against the Huffington Post proceed. Derrick Evans, a black professor ...
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on Friday praised the Black Lives Matter movement.
The Department of Justice called on San Francisco to end its one congregant rule and raise the allowable capacity in churches, arguing it's unconstitutional.
Federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett is among the top contenders for Trump's pick to fill the vacancy left by the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
House Democrats are working a new $2.4 trillion CCP virus relief bill, which reportedly contains relief for airline workers, according to an industry group.
Jacob Blake was trying to kidnap a child when he attempted to enter a vehicle after resisting arrest last month, according to the officer who shot him.
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called members of the military "stupid [expletives]" during a trip to the United Arab Emirates in 2016, his campaign confirmed
President Donald Trump on Saturday will announce his next Supreme Court nominee, the third in his first term.
The Texas attorney general on Thursday announced over 100 felony charges against four people allegedly engaging in election fraud.
The Department of Justice has directed a Pennsylvania county to change its illegal ballot-handling practices before the election.
President Donald Trump's reelection campaign released a "Platinum Plan" that outlines promises he is making to black Americans over the next four years, if he remains the U.S. president. The plan seeks to uplift black communities through, in part, an investment of about $500 billion.
Republicans in the Congress praised Amy Coney Barett, President Donald Trump's pick of U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) justice after the news break by media.