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For a missing 2-year-old girl, Alabama police have canceled an AMBER Alert. After a report of a child abduction in Calhoun County, Alabama, an AMBER alert was released on Wednesday night. Police said Catalina Chloe Rimpsey was last seen around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. She was believed to be in extreme danger and kidnapped by her […]
Holocaust survivor and CANDLES museum founder, Eva Kor, has died early this morning in Krakow, Poland, she was 85-years-old. The Candles Holocaust Museum and Education Center, which Kor founded in Terre Haute, Indiana, released a statement announcing her “peaceful” passing: “We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Eva Kor, Holocaust survivor, forgiveness advocate, […]
Video recorded outside of the Walmart in Tabb Thursday morning shows a driver pulled up and parked his car. He put an American flag on the ground, then, set it on fire. The person who shot the video was Jay Weirich. He posted the footage on Facebook, and people immediately shared it on their own […]
A man sleeping on the ground died after being hit by an Oregon Department of Transportation employee mowing grass along Highway 42 in Oregon on July 2, 2019. ODOT employees started first aid and emergency crews rushed to the region near milepost 59 in Douglas County around 9:15 a.m. But the man died at the […]
Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton, 22, was in a horrific accident Thursday morning, and lost his left arm in the car crash. Kendrick’s agent, Malki Kawa, confirmed the injuries in a tweet on Thursday morning. With sadness, I can confirm that Kendrick Norton was in a car accident last night and suffered multiple injuries, […]
Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Lee Greenwood’s powerful ballad moved millions to tears during the World Series. In a patriotic jacket, he walks on the field and delivers unparalleled performance at Yankee Stadium. Singing his best-known song “God Bless The USA”, in this heart-wrenching tribute to America, Greenwood will give you goosebumps in honor of […]
Heavy rain couldn't prevent crowds from assembling at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC as President Donald Trump spoke at the July 4 celebrations.
The U.S. Secret Service says two people were arrested during a Fourth of July flag-burning incident on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House.
President Trump hailed the U.S. Military in his fourth of July speech—explained the histories of the five branches and applauded their accomplishments.
At their senior living facility in Ohio, Newlyweds John and Phyllis Cook are celebrating their new life together. John is a veteran of the World War II who just turned 100, and on August 8, Phyllis will turn 103. The couple came to the courthouse last week to get their marriage license and discovered that […]
President Trump May Use an Executive Order to Add the Citizenship Question to Census 2020
The United States has a long history of welcoming immigrants from all around the world. And some immigrants are lucky enough to become American citizens on the nation’s birthday at George Washington's historic home
A 19-year-old soldier who went missing during the Korean War in November 1950 has been identified and his remains are coming home after almost 70 years.
A Nepalese 18-year-old high school graduate has tragically died after drowning in a Massachusetts lake on July 1.
Obama’s DHS Secretary: Yes, Democratic Presidential Candidates Are Pushing for Open Borders
A Cinematic Tribute Reminds Us How Tough We Were – America’s Liberty Was Won & Preserved Amid the Ugliness of War
If you are born in the United States, citizenship is a birthright. But if you immigrate to this country, the work of the citizenship process culminates in the reciting of an oath.
Cory Booker Desperately Seeks Attention, Escorts Migrants Across Border in Photo Op
Sen. Kennedy on AOC: ‘Someone Needs To Tell Her The Voices In Her Head Aren’t Real’
In Response to the Violent Left-Wing Assault on Andy Ngo, Portland Moves Toward Outlawing Masks. Is This the Answer?