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MSNBC will not air President Trump’s Fourth of July celebration a Salute to America, according to Politico. The network does not plan to broadcast the event live, but will consider airing some clips from the event during their regular program, a representative from the network told Politico.  Fox News is expected to cover the full […]
A Los Angeles-based ice cream truck owner is winning praise for his unusual policy towards social media influencers hitting him up for freebies.
Trump said this year’s event “Salute to America” that seeks to honor the U.S. military on July 4 will be the “show of a lifetime," as anticipation mounts.
A 20-year-old was abducted and killed after a criminal sent a photo of the victim demanding “10 to 15 pounds of marijuana."
Amid tweets by President Trump that he still wants the 2020 census to ask about citizenship, an official says the Justice Department has been told to find a way to make that happen.
President Trump announced on Wednesday, July3, that the United States will send a presidential delegation to attend the final match of Women’s World Cup in France. After victory against English the 2-1 on Tuesday, the U.S. team is now heading to the Women’s World Cup final match, which will be hosted on July 7 in […]
Dan Crenshaw called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a liar after she claimed migrants in detention centers are being forced to drink toilet water.
Martha McSally Faces an Electoral Beatdown In 2020
There is so much faeces in parks that a Colorado city council has decided to kill thousands of wild geese and feed the meat to the needy.
Those who missed out on buying Nike's running shoes with the Betsy Ross flag should consider picking up a pair of police themed sneakers instead.
Boeing to give $100 million to 737 MAX crash victims' families, communities.
MSNBC Contributor Compares American Flag to Swastika Because of Course He Does
President Trump dismissed the Democrats who exposed conditions at detention facilities for illegal immigrants on the southern border, and said the best way to fix the humanitarian crisis was to tell the migrants to stay home. “If Illegal Immigrants are unhappy with the conditions in the quickly built or refitted detentions centers, just tell them […]
White House Says It Has Had Enough Of Rogue Federal Judges
Friday Deadline Set For the Trump Administration to Make a Final Decision on the Citizenship Question in Census 2020
Robert Mueller, who investigated allegations of Russia collusion and obstruction of justice for nearly two years as special ...
A fugitive couple is wanted after one of their children was found dead, two others were found in critical condition and one was found missing in Oklahoma.
A survivor of a collision in New Hampshire last month that killed seven motorcyclists has sued the pickup driver charged in connection with the crash and the Massachusetts trucking company that employed him. Attorney John Haymond told 7NEWS that he filed the negligence suit Tuesday in Hampden Superior Court in Springfield, Massachusetts, on behalf of […]
Photos Show Children Laying On Top of a Drag Queen at a Portland Library’s Drag Queen Story Hour
Ilhan Omar: As for Racist & Rogue Terrorist Organization ICE, It’s Time to Consider ‘Eliminating Their Existence’