Asian Republic Wave in California? An Interview with Young Kim, Running for Congress in California.

Southern Californian is having a wave of Asian American Republican women running for public offices. They are committed to break the “insanity”, as they call it, ...


Loulou Raharjo: Open border means no door & no lock in your own home! So crazy to allow the radical, leftist, socialist zealots to overtake & destroy thr America we know. I support Ms. Young Kim, you are more American than the other Americans who betray the country & like Biden & his son, selling the country. Really disgraceful & dangerous to put such an evil man in power. 😢

Tien Nghe: Best wishes and good luck from Asians community

Lot Underwood: KIM, you need to request a recount for legal votes only.....but wait until the SCOTUS call for legal votes in the swing states...

mark beaver: The Asian people are awesome, great family orientated and hard workers. Love that they are getting into American politics!!

Jason W: I'm alll for It 👍

bzflowerbee: Congratulations! I voted for you Young Kim. :-)

Long T. Tang: This is great. So well mannered and spoken. We need more exceptional people like her in Congress.

Jack Maa: Once the illegal aliens eventually be come naturalized citizens they are most likely vote democratic that why they love democrat

D Hahn: Young Kim is the real deal, she is intelligent and has vision, at different level than Cisneros. She will represent 39th distinct, Congratulations.

TheBigBang: Congratulation Miss Kim and Miss Steel! Very proud of you for winning in an "insanity" Blue State. Let's turn this state to "sanity" Red State.

firerocket: Interesting that Republican can't win when more people voting.

Alona Pickett: PLEASE SOMEONE --- CAN WE SEE THE COUNT FROM CA. ??? EVERYONE one I talk to from ca ON SOCIAL MEDIA says they voted RED? The second the clock struck voting over they announced. CALIFORNIAN S WHAT WAS THW REAL COUNT

Ernest Martinez: Asian American are one hardworking culture cummituny in the world it going take that tunnisy to put California out hole they put self in but it going take that they have to change there thinking California incredible state it can be done

jasonso44: She got my Vote

Kathie Bauer: We need more people with good values. I hope she wins.

Vickysongjn Vickysongjn: 71 Million Trump voters. It’s time we really fight back! Please copy and paste this and share to every Trump supporter you know! We need to be impactful as we can starting November 13th.

It’s time to MOBILIZE!
It’s time we put forth the power we truly hold in this country. This working class truly is the heart of America. We are being tested!

Starting NOW:

:sparkle:Step 1: Move to Parler and exit Facebook & Twitter or continue using their platform to deliver truth and fact.

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:sparkle:Step 3: November 13th - December 1st OR FOREVER Do not spend money on Amazon or any large retailers who betrayed our conservative values and our constitution! Support those who stand firm with our President Trump!

We don’t loot, we don’t burn we don’t turn to violence, we do things differently!

Please paste and share in all ways you can we need this to reach as many Trump supporters as possible! United we stand!


Luong Do: Vietnamese patriots for President Trump!
Make California Red Republican again!

LK72: She's admirable, unlike Kamala.

LK72: Asian Americans need to walk away from the Democratic party

alan lybus: Go Ms Kim! Asian Support from San Francisco :)

LoveAnd Peace: She is such a gentle and strong woman

Fromouterspace Ufo: About time ! Good luck to her.

Daniel Von Pache: All I see is A Young signs & his UBI plan vs. jobs & less government.


Ruby2: Wow!!
We need this person's
Intelligent s!!

Ruby2: Interesting views good

Mike Aragon: California is a mob rule state.

Cynthia Tan: Ms. Young Kim, I support you!

Don Pablo: Democratic party platform does not align with Asian values .
We need you to help represent Asians in California.

jerry sanders: Good luck Young Kim we need many more people like you in America 👏👏👏

Kristina DelRio: I hope you won Young Kim.California needs your help. Thank you Simone and zoom

Luz Marina Brown: Congratulations that you won

jcman240: CA has to have the largest Asian population as percent of total of any mainland state...

john cullers: I'm from West Virginia we all voted Trump ....

john cullers: Love this she is a very smart woman support her

john cullers: Your votes where taken like now fraud

j barnes: Good Journalism!
Letting it breath and play out naturally.

Dong Kwon: Kim won!

shadowgunner69: I just checked the Calif results, Kim is leading the incumbent by 1%! Go go go Ms Kim. From Northern California

Charles Fei: Gil Cisneros 와 같은 악마 에게서 승리 한. Young Kim 후보 의 승리 를 축하 드립니다 .
그리고. 하루 빨리 Gil Cisneros 를 체포 해야 됀다 생각 합니다.
이번 선거 가 Cabal 들 의 마지막 해 가 됄것입니다.

kc Cox: Awesome, Lady!

Glenn Repairs: My family has been in California since the 1870's...I believe I can speak for my family when I say an Asian-American Republican would be a welcomed change.

Franco C: She is winning!! can't wait

OneVote Matters: She may have won. I’m sure California has been cheating in favor of Democrats for Decades

Susan Dirksen: Congratulations to Young Kim and Simone for the interview. Great journalist ! One of the few.

Matthew Morgan: Amazingly person. Really sorry she missed her election to Congress.

Yo Yo: 大姐,这口音也太重了

ファットマン1945: バイデン尖閣売った金を中国からもらった。 1000億円

Shadow Mt: need to stop voter fraud!

W Lawrence: 😴😴😴America pls wake up, don't give in, don't let Dems. steal your vote, Fight back Voting Fraud. God be with America.