Compare Trump and Biden’s Chinese Business Dealing: Who Is Compromised?

Today is election day. Today, we are facing the most important election in this nation's history, and America faces a profound threat, not to its physical existence ...


Muhammad Is bastard: Xi can heave a sigh of relief after his poodle is installed at WH in 2021

Tim James: Free China. Free HK. Free America. The fight has just begun. Trump 2020

Project M41: I want to ride my motorcycle to the beach with Simone on the back❀️

Blue Dress: President'Trump Won First ..Nov 3..Then here comes the Demons Democrat's Coup ..

Leanne Herda: I wish this had been seen by millions before the election. It might not have made a difference to some, but to many its the connect the dot version of the Biden scandal.

Eric Griffin: Unlike some people would have you believe we love immigrants like you that want to actually help our country rather than divide us thank you for being so open

yan chang: Wannabe dictators will find that it’s easier to herd cats than subjugate Americans. Ask King George.

ellie: Thank you for the informative podcast.

john cullers: Very good info thank you!!!!

hOurworld11: Thankyou for your sacrifice, it is sad you had to leave your home country because bullshit.
I hope for the best for us all real thinkers.

AB B: Simone, excellent content πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸš‚β€ let's get the real news out y'all!

Thomas Carlier: Do you say will not fall your Biden will become the first elected president according to the news that didn’t make the president and Harris should fade away into the sunset. My humble and serious 🧐 opinion

kc Cox: Every dirty deal made by Joe and Hunter Biden that America and Ukraine know about Communist China knows much more. Biden will be blackmailed, or give CCP everything they want. Harris will look out for her best interest, too!

Leopoldo Astudillo: Not born in USA, I actually left a communist country years ago and I can tell you guys don't live in a Democracy anymore. How can you call it Democracy when they cancel you if you don't agree with them? You have the right to disagree, you know that? How can you call it Democracy when they "fact-check" the opposition but never their Democrat Comrades? How can you call it Democracy when they tell you the opposite of what really is going on? How can you call it Democracy when they make up information, manipulate information or hide information that may be detrimental to the image of their Democratic Comrades? How can you call it Democracy when the vote of the people does not count but what the Media says? How can you call it Democracy when they want to keep you under a permanent lockdown, no matter if you run out of business? They want you all to run out of business so that you all depend on the charity the Government will give you so they can have 100% control over you and your family, just like in Cuba, just like in Venezuela, just like in former Soviet Union...wake up my friend or 20 years from now you will be crying on the streets regreting your political desicion of today, just like Venezuelians do now...good luck!

Nitin Varia: Joe Bidden is not EKECTED but SELECTED by corrupt media and Ballort Harvesting and Rigging.

Joe Bidden biggest cheater of the century and should be brought before Supreme court for Justice.

At 77 he is mentally and physically unfit to lead the world. The only thing that a cheater Joe Bidden can offer is a STATE FUNERAL.

Selecting Joe Bidden as President will be the worst example to the world of America with out any ethics or moral.

Joe Bidden is guranteed to succumb to cheating before the hearing Supreme court.

American Citizen: While i appreciate your journalism and condone the legitimacy of your reporting i notice the edit in your video wherein you repeat the truth of Biden’s actions on his Asia tour as VP i bet many others will too. Thank you for your video keep up the real journalism i really appreciate the service you are providing. Great job!πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Sociedad Humana: MAGA, evil CCP, evil Deep State, evil UN.

Ashmini Rajkumar: President Trump πŸ™πŸ™

Ashmini Rajkumar: Good bless USA πŸ™πŸ™

CB BC: God bless you.

Alex N.: Unfortunately Simone, The US has been sold to the CCP. From all the media, not a word about Biden's family compromission with China, not better than Bloomberg himself. How can you defend the interest of the US when the CCP holds the President by the balls?
People fail to understand that the CCP is the biggest threat to the US and to the free humanity. The ones in bed with the CCP are just corrupt and care short term profits. This will put democracies in a weak position while the dictators in PRC will just grow their power. People of the free world, wake up!

Michael: Whare are the investments in off shore money drugs, an stealing jeeps and weapons from our army warehouses? He'll, you people are so blind.

Alan Westbury: Funny how Trump has increased the deficit to astounding amounts that will take forever to pay off debts.
This will mean governments will have to get bigger to address this issue and the devastation from his inaction to covid-19.
America will become more socialist because of him.
These are the in your face facts.
Look at his commentaries on the friendly relationships with China, North Korea and Russia and look at his commentaries towards America's Allies.
Then you shall see who's little boy Trump was.

正恩金: USA will lose four more years

AY: Just wonder if you are still available πŸ₯°

Kajchee Channel: Everyone need to starts learning Chinese cause it seem Biden will win. Good luck cause we will be slavery to ccp! I am not an Republican or Democrat cause I believe in the truth only.

Michael Hartman: Good show. A week late.

May Cheung: Never give up now.....meanwhile, Trump has so many wholehearted supporter throughout us and the world.....we would all support you to fight 4 year later..

rogum530: The Americans really dropped the ball putting it politely and they're FurieD. China can now invade Taiwan. Biden has given the green light, they're not bad folks. Chinese New Year 2021, China will be complete again since 70 years ago. What you gonna do USA, what you gonna do? At the same time, North Korea will retake South Korea, they just have to walk in. No one will come to the aid of Taiwan or South Korea. Pope Francis of the Vatican State will say nothing or he will rationalize it as just reunifying people of the same will. India, Japan, and Australia have no will or means to help defend the area without the backing of the USA. The China Sea nine dash line area will be in complete control by the PRC. Russia will be watching in the sidelines looking for opportunities. Retake Ukraine perhaps and Kazakhstan?
What is the USA gonna do? It has been immasculated by self castration. It should change its name to USEA, United States of Eunuch America. Because, that is what it is going to be if it doesn't get itself sorted out. Not soon, but immediately. The fate of the World hangs in the balance.
Joe Blow should have been in prison before the election even. The USA has become a mockery in the World because it has been immasculated a long time ago. Gender Choices really? Abortion and euthanasia really in a Christian nation?
Act now or forever be damned!

Anything Interesting: May God bless America! Seems like CCP has succeeded to create chaos in this election.

Jing Ke: Pray and pray again and pray for God to grant Chuanpu the authority to defeat the results of the 2020 presidential election of the United States of America. The righteous words were successfully received by the appeal. Ask in the name of the Lord. Amen. Make America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ stronger. Amen. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

ljc411: Too late. china owns biden and all the democrats, that means china owns America. The evil democrat communists think they have won - but America's GOD is not asleep. They will pay!

Rebecca Kent: I agree that Biden is involved. However, you did not dig deep enough into Trump's account in China. There are millions from the Chinese government unaccounted for. They are both involved with China. His daughter was just there last year for "business" purposes.... please tell me you aren't blind to what both parties are doing... there is so much corruption, on both sides of the aisle!

Hugh Man: I just hit myself in the head with a shovel so I can become more like my peers. I'm sorry they've dumbed this place down so much. I hear a vacuumous sound coming from the CCP; It's like when they stole the oxygen from Druidia..

Brendon O'Connell: Who opened the doors to the CCP in America? Google ISRAEL CHINA TECHNOLOGY and there is your answer.

Brendon O'Connell: Amen. You wont value freedom till you lose it.

Luz Booth: Barack Obama give visas 10,000visas to China to comen to USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

William Iannucci: The known Churches around the globe but those who do exploits and know their God will not be disappointed . πŸ‘

armin tan: Let the Bidens win the cheated election then put them in jail on this corruption.

Shuan Kong: Biden is definitely tainted and his dealings with China are likely to be corrupt or biased. Trump looks like he will continue to pursue a hardline attitude to China, most of that we have already witnessed is the tariff wars betwen the US and China.

SUN HIN: Isn't this channel belong to fulonggong ban in China?
How on earth can this channel speaks well wish about China?

tobagobum: If Biden is elected when will we bring the impeachment of Biden? We put President Trump through one and we do have real crimes committed by Biden. Right?

the real truth matters continue the search always: Lets pray and
Well let's just hope that Justin Trudeau is not the Prime Minister in the next election and other countries world leaders need to be thrown out of office as well boris Johnson needs to be thrown out of office quite a few of the world leaders need to be taken out of office Joe Biden better not become president either that would be the worst mistake in American history. WAKEY WAKEY people stop voting in a corrupt government establishment. How come no one is talking about the covid camps??? like the one in Manitoba in canada how come so few people know anything about these covid camps what are they hiding of course they don't want admit it but its the truth its martial law people that live in certain areas can see whats going on they are not blind.The covid pandemic was planned since 9-11 200 generals said thats enough and they came out with a massive deployment of 5g technology in Wuhan China people started getting sick with flu like symptoms they went to the hospital where they were given a vaccine that has the covid virus in it!!! Wuhan was the designated place to start the plan.all these lock downs and closures are just getting completely out of control wearing masks being complient and we better not have another lock down ever again our economy in our countries will be completely ruined. Stop letting the rich 1 percent enslave us don't you realize that with all the unused office space restaurant closures etc all that unused real-estate will be bought up by the 1 percent so that they can have large masses of land that the public cannot use. and will all be corralled like a flock of sheep into smaller pieces of land like blind sheep in a barn so that absolute full control will be taken of us all by some very bad people. And the great reset or whatever those evil freaks want to call it is going to happen. Something needs to be done here people we have to say NO!!! We need to stop them!!!! There's alot going on behind the public faces that we see and who is truly controlling these people we are at a time now were we Must stand up and be the change that we want to see

Sam Boom-Boom: Never forget, "Plausible Deniability" that how Biden operates !!

Mary Harris: Message below:
Trump doesn't lie you do..

Mary Harris: Exactly... when you're an astute businessman you do business all around the world... and you can't remember your lies...
Biden can't remember the truth because he doesn't tell it.. you're are in treason and espionage..

goo turner: running from the demon to a devil himself... how pathetic

SCHOOLTHEWORLD: This is nice and it's the #truth BUT there's no use talking to people that despise trump because they're blinded by #HATE

Elisabetta Razzetti: πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

A Random Hero appears: You can stop all propaganda now :) elections votes are already out 🀣