What Happened in Michigan at 4am on Nov.4 ?

Welcome to Zooming In, I am Simone Gao. Yesterday Joe Biden declared victory. He promised he would bring the country together. This is a nice gesture, ...


hazlettb: Thanks to poll watchers! I’ll do it next time!

Chris Shelton: Sounds a whole lot like the CCP

Chris Shelton: If we let the globalist corporatist elites get away with fixing this election, they will fix all future elections and democracy in the U.S. will die.

MKS: DEMS/Lefties are Treasonous cheating cheaters 😒! Now the left is threatening peeps who are for Trump. MSM is complicit with crime and announcing a false.President. The false President is pretending to be President to foreign authorities. WTF?

Fidel Thaddeus Borja: If there was a glitch in a county (WIS or MICH) that transferred 6000
votes from Trump to Biden (which was discovered since it was a GOP
county), then it is possible that the same glitch could happen
elsewhere. It raises serious doubts on the integrity of the elections.
Can the election officers explain that? Can the software maker explain
that? Can they give assurance that the glitch is isolated?

Will Serrano: Thank you for bringing light to the organizred dark forces that are trying to destroy our democracy.

Blu Dot Media: Thank you for your reporting Simone

Roger Carson: People of Michigan demand a recount

Babette G: Livestream NASA counting the ballots

Abba’s Child: Intimidation is what they do to steal the election

Surfin 'EZ Is Where Your Mouse Goes To Surf!: Hey... It's ONLY... Fascism in America!

Robert Hess: Simone great job of reporting...your hitting then ail on the head..the "DEMON CRATS" had a plan just like sleepy Joe said ........a Plan of immense FRAUD

Linda Freeman: I will not accept a fraudulent election. Biden your kidding yourself if you think we the people are giving up on accepting a industrial scale fraudulent election for treasonous Biden.

Rebel Soul: Thank you for sharing your story and not being afraid to speak truth.

Kim Gordon: 3:00 after Midnight ™😂😂😂

Evin Hanning: This makes me wonder how, and why Biden won, everyone in my family, along with everyone I work with voted for Trump, if Trump got zero votes from Michigan, then instantly, I no longer trust or believe that my country can become better, because if they'll run a scam on an election, if the electoral college will pick someone who can barely hold thier head up, or hardly stand at a podium long enough for a debate, then I can tell you thier either doing it to have more controls over us... or someone got paid alot of money

hernan canaveral: Biden is a president yes a president of China

Ardy Zink: Thank you, and bless you, Simone.

Kevin C: Those 4 AM trucks showed up in 5 states minimum

Domino Diamond: Robust safeguards help to ensure the integrity of joe bidens election

Kevin Baker: It was because they were stealing that's why you tried to hide what a joke

Mark Jamison: Please get her to the Trump team to testify .

BoxingFanAZ M.O.B: New Sub!!

Mark Jamison: God I hope this gets to the courts and they rule with justice .

Earl King: Trump 2nd term from 🇨🇦

Alex Sandoval: Sounds like brown shirts silencing dissent from the party.

Cindy Galt: 4 a.m. on the 4th seems to be the magic number! I hope Trump will be able to get Republican judges in MI, WI, PA, and GA, and either these votes are not counted, or the ones that are LEGALLY Trump's will be given back to him!

Twilii: I would happily entertain this logic, quote your sources though. YouTube stars don't deserve credibility without representation. I don't believe in clickbate / viewcount barons.

Goat Gate: The ballot box is a sacred trust in a free representative government. To vote is not only each citizens right. Voting is each citizens responsibility. To tamper with the ballot box is treason. To stuff fraudulent votes or to knowingly remove honest votes from the ballot box is to desecrate the lives of all those men and women who voted as honest citizens. To knowingly certify fraudulent votes is treason. If voter fraud knowingly goes unpunished that too is treason. Without honesty in voting there is no such thing as government, "Of the people, By the people, For the people." Give us liberty or give us death. See you on the otherside. Stay safe.

R m: So basically.. there are people out there that will go to any lengths and that have the collaboration of MANY others to get the result that they want. Where does it end?
That is scary. If this can be performed at this level with a presidential election. What is next?
Of better yet... what has been done in the past?

susan amoroso: Michigan poll executives are complicit to cheat to make Biden win with mail in ballots and computer glitches.

coco latte: Revote at person.

Vesa Rintamäki: In the darkness of night...in the shadows...in the d.......s hour.

David Lopez: Mr Trump and the American people, the problem with a "recount" is that it would be a "recount" of the "votes" that Democrats already put in sealed boxes which are the votes that are fraudulent. They got rid of massive numbers of votes for Trump and put in massive numbers of fraudulent votes for Biden.
We don't need a recount;
What We do need is a RE-VOTE.
Democrats muddied up the waters so bad by cheating that we need to
To be fair to all, Lets call nationwide for a RE-VOTE

Copy and paste all over for the American people, congress and the white house get to see this message, including the lawyers, the courts and the US supreme court also.

you you: Reguardless of the election, Mr Biden should be in jail because of his involvement that you disclosed on an earlier broadcast about taking money from foreign entities under the pretext of using his Vice presidency as a bargaining chip
I just don’t understand how the Dem completely dismissed the facts in this matter and expect us to forget about it and trust their integrity in this sham election...

Jim Johnson: There is NO WAY that Joe got 4million vote more than Barack! Barack got 69million and Joe got 72million. This is another great point to ask the left....who is more popular...did you know it is Biden according to the popular vote? Watch them squirm.

Jim Johnson: Love what Nitro Party said! Your reporting is excellent and one of a few places I trust. None of those on cable except a few evening Fox hosts. The others follow the emails that daily tell them what to say. I don't even trust Fox anymore aside from a few evening hosts. Judge Jeanine just got fired for telling encouraging a full and fair process! The 100 percent fed up ladies were poll challengers as well in Detroit and could add more testimony to your already great newscast! Keep it up! We need more people like you who defend the processes that have kept this nation going.

Mark Smith: Thank you for reporting this. Our own crooked media wont air anything about this. Censorship is taking place on a large scale

8-Bit Heart: It’s funny that the rest of the world can see the deceit of the democrat party... but not the American democrat constituency, plugging their eyes and ears like lalalalalalala! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Ted Kennedy: The vote counters all seemed well trained and coordinated. As if they had done this many times before. Ya can't move thousands of ballots in and out and about smoothly if you haven't been trained and had time to practice.

Robert Meshew: Racist try to break you down to control you. Watch FRAUD: WGRnhBmHYN0 The last digit is a number(0) not a letter(O)

Thomas Brink Sr: Our god has a plan he will get rid of all corruption you all have a big suprize trump will over turn and win glory be our god america will see this happening the world will watch it unfold the corruption

Alan Hill: Thank you Simone. A real journalist presenting the facts.

Joe Moore: God will have the last word!

Leila Johnson: If they were not doing dirty works, they dont mind people watching will not be an issue.

Giorgio Armani: What a shame...I always thought that USA was an example of Democracy 😞

Caterina Martino: I’m sure she will be asked to testify.

Cory Richter: Who is a Liar a racist a thef and will die in office by the hand of his own party? Nope not a Kenedy joke.

barry mcdonagh: This is democrats commiting voter fraud the only way they can win.Do not except Biden as presedent no matter what happens 'do to them as they have done to us.keep fighting.

Francesco Allevato: It’s a shame because the media is so corrupt the people are not going to believe that jo won jo doesn’t have what it takes to be president