When CCP Is Empowered by Big Tech, An Interview with Huawei Big Data Expert | Zooming In Extra

In Zooming In's recent documentary movie “The American Republic vs the CCP, ” Simone interviewed a Chinese big data expert, former Huawei employee Jack.


Big Block Records: this video should have millions of views great job!

Mark Richey: CNN=XINHUA

K Mensa: America is heading towards the same destination with Big Tech getting aligned with one of the demonic infested political parties in the world, the democrat party

Jathmar James: As an American, I love getting great news/reporting (unlike our MSM)...great work Ms. Gao.

joel anduyan: Those Politician ,the Media who accepted ( bribe) money from Communist China now they are selling their own country to the Communist China. The CCP have a lot of tactics .and you will have no choice after. BE AWARE

Martin Latvian: 4:30 This is too weak face blur. No problem for chinese AI to fix it.

Shan Dani: Thanks to Trump, we now can see China for what it is.

Elle Burd: China has never wanted to work with any country, but to be in total power of every country.

Greg Smith: We need to give severe punishment to these ( Traitors ) in these Big Tech corporations , crooked politicians and Central Bankers that are working with the CCP from China .


Cheyenne Summer: Doesn't Zuckerberg have a Chinese wife?

Joao fernandes Jr: Paranoia?

Gladys Ma: Grateful for your efforts in keeping us informed at such a high journalistic quality.
Please have this in Chinese interview post on your Chinese channel. It cannot be found there yet. Thank you.

Shuan Kong: Chinese big tech companies like Alabama, Tencent, Huawei etc, have data accumulated and completely accessible to the Chinese Government. But the most important point here is that the Chinese people or citizens do not mind that big tech companies have all their data. The only "excuse" is the medical profession if the latter or hospitals wants to keep patients' data in a convenient format and collate them for scientific purposes. Still there is no privacy at all...

T Savedra: As long as any company has so much as a footprint in china ccp will access the data..

Trey Tex: The paper tiger has no power. Its an illusion. They're still using clubs to knock thousands of their citizens over the head everyday & drag them away. Thats not power. If your frightened by machines - they do have an off button. And by the way - the machines are on our side. You will soon find out.

Conrad Gallardo: I would. watch. more of your. videos. if your channel was Named:
rather than
Z ... (ooming.....)
I almost never get all the way down to the "Z's" in my list of subscribed channels
-however, I really like your channel so I do come looking for it when I think to

Francisco Sa: FINAL COUNTDOWN : Vigano`s urgent letter to Trump before Election 2020

Victor Mawhinney: Reference the Biden laptop and the FBI !!!!
Just imagine this (NIGHTMARE scenario) for America’s security where (someone) who COULD be in the pocket of the Chinese communist party was to finish up sitting in the White House , ( the spy of all spies ) The FBI and Homeland Security should have been all over that laptop .. this reminds me of the Kim Philby spy ring that operated at the heart of British intelligence for years before ( they ) were caught ☠️☠️💀💀💀

Max Kim Lowe: Abolish the CCP and the world will be at peace

C. Char: Wow- serious insights into possible intrusion and sabotage! Still playing around with tik tok? #Be WARNED!
TQ Simone!

Charles Cullen: His face is revealed occasionally . Thats the end of him !

Charles Darwin: I 💖 your movies 🎬🎥 Simone! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

marxkar: Oops..4:09 - approx. 4:26..That's clear enough to recognize that dude with recognition software, Even without it, he can be recognized by anyone who knows him. The filter was not strong enough during that sequence. Ouch!

Jing Ke: 🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪💪💪川普平安赢定了

Jammy joe: Singapore is secretly supportive of China. They don't want Western interference.

Daniel: Hello Simone, please remove the segment 30:58- 31:01. Also when I put my mouse on vlc red bar for time, i can pretty well identify people if I know that person or own database of faces. You need to really mess the visage.

Chris 432T: The most professional, well researched and truthful news regarding china and the ccp on YT. Always great questions and intelligent guests. The work and research that goes into puting out such quality content is very appreciated. Thank you🌝

Jerry Guerra: "Outside development " like steeling property and developments, from outside China? Yep.

LNK: There may be a greater threat than the CCP, namely the Nazi EU or the nazi WEF.

edge 7671: US tech companies helped CCP develop their internet censoring system and internet user monitoring system.

Ashyo Sings: Other channels fight on the frontlines of public information warfare, you fight on the frontlines of the information flow. Your reporting is outstanding and honestly believe this is what you were put on this planet to do <3

Fight hard, and protect yourself harder; because you're more than a pawn in this 'apolitical' battle

Aaron Baldwin: Tik tok personel confirmed
data are stores outside China, but you are still not happy. Do you want him to says its stored in China for spying? Comeon Simone Gao, don't be a fault finder, its bad for you.

Roger Ramjet: And we appreciate hers🙏
One hell of a good journalist.
If the main stream media had just a mustard seed of her courage ...wow what a world we would have.

Christine from Kansas: His face isn't well-enough disguised.

Marktuyet: Thank you Ms. Gao .

patrickcon1: China owns Silicon Valley and all the other major players. All, except Trump (for now)! If they own the electoral college then it's 'game over'. NFL, keep taking a knee. Mickey Mao-se will soon ruleya!

Dov Jacobs: CCP,Big Tech, MSM ,Corruption is a Fact! Biden, Clinton, Obama, FBI,Collusion is a Fact!
Covid is Biological Warfare, Fact!
Multilateral Asymmetrical Warfare is already Happening! Fact!
Democracy and Truth Itself is under Attack ! Fact !
Not Just in America but the entire
World! There is Nowhere to Hide!
So ? Fight, Fight or Lose Everything!
Now is The Time, Fight or Die!
Regards from UK.

joopmar6: Simone your one of the fiuw (Weinige)

Matub al-faisal: God bless China 🇨🇳✊✊✊🇨🇳

Lidia Santoro: Arn't our intelligence agencies supposed to protect us against all enemies foreign and domestic?
This is a decades long cluster **

Sophie D: 👍👍👍Thanks to Simone!

Ahmed Thasleem: America maybe paying the unaffordable price for joining hands with a godless cult called CCP who are worst enemies of humanity and denial of Lord Almighty Jesus Christ.
We don’t know Lord Almighty Jesus Christ has destined to punish USA 🇺🇸 for this crime they committed to have materialistic worldly glitters through greed,denial and mockery of God.
Lord Almighty Jesus Christ gave USA 🇺🇸 the power to rule mankind with unimaginable power.After having such huge powers America might have ignored God and turned to Gold and so Satan might have trapped them through the dirty corrupt minds of CCP.
The whole humanity is devastated by a Virus (COVID19)Economies drained like never seen before.Islam has brought JIHAD on Christian soil and are killing them like goats by werewolves.And nobody can do anything about it.
Islam,Communism and Atheism is killing human logic and decency while mocking the true God.
With all these chaos we maybe facing unimaginable consequences ahead.God may have abandoned us like we abandoned him.😢

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Kathi Tait: I believe that Joe Biden is the Trojan Horse for the Chinese Communist Party. I think that his dealings with them and Hunter gave the CCP enough to blackmail them. That is why there is such a cover up on this Hunter gate story. CCP has infiltrated the MSM and Big Tech which are aiding them in this push to get Biden elected at any cost. With Biden as President it gets the proverbial foot in the door that the CCP needs to start the takeover. That's my opinion

Kenn Smith: Simone Gao does such a good job in every riveting interview...now I see why it's called Zooming in..the reality gets up close and hits you in the face.

loendsti: i love the top notch professionalism and the calm demeanor of this news outlet.

lin sue-shiang: 11/03 Americans make a choice between Trump and CCP leader Xi Jinping.

Tamara Savely: There is nothing safe with the CCP. That's the bottom line.